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The Customer brand has been our core business for over 30 years. We always seek to understand more than to convince because it is you who define your needs and we who care for operational excellence on a daily basis to perfectly fulfill your desires.

We are experts in multi-technology, and master the projects dedicated to the following units of need :


fabricant pate en croute 5


Any forms, any ingredients, any conditionings, in Cool, Ultra Fresh or Deep-frozen.

fabricant croque monsieur 1


To Fry, Béchamel, in Cool or Surgélés.

fabricant croque monsieur 6


Bread, Quiche, Pizza and Knack apetizer.

fabricant pate en croute


Cocktail format, slice or cut, any type of recipe.


A multidisciplinary team compound of Marketing experts, Commercial, R&D, Industrialist and Quality is at your disposal to study your specifications or propose you projects of creation and of valuation of ranges.

The projects of organic products and Squeaky clean Label are also at the heart of our corporate strategy and at the heart of group.

Do not hesitate to contact us to initiate, consolidate, develop your partnership with us.

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