fabricant croque monsieur 2

Croque-monsieur to brown

This inescapable of the tables of bars consists of 2 soft slices of bread of crumb, stocked with ham and cheese, and coated by béchamel and cheese. Greedier versions in the goat or still raclette are also available.

fabricant croque monsieur 1

Croque-monsieur to be fried

This crunchy recipe consists of 2 slices of bread of crumb to be made gild in the frying pan, associated with a tender side dish of meat and cheese. Numerous declensions of recipes and sizes are possible. To decorate an apéritif, an entrance, a main course...
Rapids to be prepared, the hot snack bars come along ideally with a salad or taste on the thumb.

fabricant croque monsieur 3

Brioches in the sausage

The tradition updated with this all butter brioche and its pure pork upper sausage of origin France.
In stimulating appetite version or heart of meal.


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