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So that feeding is always a pleasure

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To offer you, day after day, the pleasure of consuming products of exemplary quality, Maison Monterrat places the consumer at the center of attention every day.

The Quality teams are dedicated to guaranteeing this level of quality, from receipt of raw materials to product consumption, manufacturing and shipping.

Quality relies on five fundamental pillars :



Food safety

Our production teams and our quality department work every day to ensure optimal safety of our products. Our production site has been certified IFS for many years.

This certification is a foundation to ensure that the needs of customers are taken into account and that the company knows how to respond appropriately. Finally, one of the major points of this reference is the validation of regulatory issues and health safety issues.


Mastering and ensuring the traceability of our products is an essential objective of our business.

Our production management system allows us to trace every step of a product's life: from raw material manufacturing to our suppliers, through production in our workshops and including our distribution systems.

Our computerized traceability allows to identify in a short time all our productions quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our industrial know-how

Our industrial tool allows us to produce products own brand and to position us on the markets MDD.

Our R&D teams work on a daily basis in accordance with our values, to adapt to the demands of our customers and to changing market trends.

In order to guarantee product safety, we use quality control tools, including the H.A.C.C. (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) implemented on all our production lines.

The risks specific to our activities, processes and industrial tools are thus identified and controlled by the implementation at each step of preventive measures.

Secure supplies

Our experts select safe, reliable and consistently quality supplies for you.

Securing supplies is based on mutual trust between our company and all of our suppliers, able to anticipate regulatory changes.

The choice of a supplier goes through a strict risk analysis. Our commitment and our trust goes through the signing of a specification containing our requirements (regulation, traceability, microbiological criteria).

We perform audit audits unexpectedly or in a targeted manner.


The firm Maison Monterrat, a Panzani group company, is a partner and stakeholder in the CSR initiative.

Within our company, the R& D teams have set themselves the goal of working to reduce dyes, artificial flavors, and flavor enhancers.

Indeed, consumers are extremely sensitive to the composition of products. We wish to respond to their concerns.

In addition, industrial teams work on a daily basis to reduce our energy consumption, limit our emissions and thus reduce our environmental impact.

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